Track Trailer Hiring

Logo-Accolade+Offroad+Cammper+Trailer+HireHiring out of trailers are a calling. They are expensive to replace and are hired out for a minimal amount.


You can only hope you have enough information on the client and that you do not need to recover the trailer some ware.

Our devise are small, compact with a battery life of 20 days !

Ideal for recovery of your items the person hiring it disappeared.



Hire it out with peace of mind.


Hide it in a catavan
Place the tracker any ware in the caravan

Other valuables?

Hide tha Tracker any ware in any vehicle

  • It is small, lightweight and affordable {Hide it any ware}
    • In the TV or VCR
    • In the Couch
    • Julery box or
    • Briefcase
  • In any valuable item

Phone :

Adriaan   081 7887 495

Nico   081 721 9909

Fax : 086 675 0234

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