Q & A + Price

What do I get for my money?

# Live monitoring of devices. PEACE OF MIND 

# Easy to navigate app [Android + IOS] + {Monitor on as many devices as you like}

# Quick play back of movements of the last hour, day or days. {stored on server for years}

# Excellent support and after sales assistance. stable supplier with many branches and technical staff.

# Stable server and program that is based in another country.

# Tracks of vehicle movements are shown on the map. It is colour coded so you can see normal movement or when the speed limit was exceeded.

# Maps are up to date with the latest street names and road changes.

# Regular App updates.

# Easy to toggle between maps & 3 dimensional view of the area.

# Device shows when the battery is low

# We can add sms bundles and you will receive as many Geo fence & movement alerts as you like. ( ADDITIONAL COST APPLY )

Whey these costs when I buy the device?

1) The sim card needs airtime to send the GPS & GPRS location to the server.

2) The info gets sent to a server in the US. They charge for the use of their app website and receiving the info on server and to process it and depict it on the maps.

3) ICASA registration on the networks.


Can I buy a device online and monitor it on the site?

No. All devices are registered with ICASA. The IMEI and Sim gets “opened” for tracing on all cell phone networks. Therefore, if you purchase a device online it will not work in this country.

Interesting facts.

 We find that some customers place it on their own vehicles as a secondary device, if a perpetrator find their device and remove it our device Will still transmit its location underneath the vehicle.
Some clients let their reps sign a contract and carry the device with them. Thus the manager knows where they are and the owner/authorizer person can phone in to the device and listen to conversations around the device.

Lastly we have companies placing the devices inside products that are delivered. When the delivery truck is robed off its content and the perpetrator make off with the loot in their own truck it can be traced and they can be called to book. As we know, millions of rand’s are transported in trucks per day. Perpetrators tell the driver to stop, the load the items over to their truck and make off with sometimes millions of rand’s. Safely and with minimal risk.

Take control and stop them in their tracks.

Even if your child goes on a hiking trip in the bushes. You can put the tracker in his/her back pack and when they are lost punch one button on your phone and it will take you right up to the place in the bushes where the device would be found.

Limited special offer: {while stock last} T’s&C’s


GT03A – Extendit life battery GPS PORTABLE Tracker.

Device 1 = 7 days battery life (SOLD OUT)

Device 2 = 20 days battery life R 1 800-00      

= 24 MONTHS @ R 100

70% deposit required. (7 to 21 working  days for delivery)

GT300 –TRACKER GT300 2

Device  = 4 days battery life R 1000-00

= 24 MONTHS @ R 100

The R100 is only for the use of the app and streaming data (GPS info) to the app. You will be responsible for loading air time on the sim card for the child/loved one to make a call.

Retail price is R1300-00 per device. The first 20 costumers will get the reduced price. [while stock last]

70% deposit required. (7 to 21 working days for delivery)

TR06 –


TR06 tracker

Device  = Wired device with 3 days battery life R 1500-00

= 24 MONTHS @ R 100

70% deposit required. (7 to 21 working days for delivery)


Device  = Wired device  R 1000-00

= 24 MONTHS @ R 100

70% deposit required. (7 to 21 working days for delivery)